How to use ChatGPT OpenAI artificial intelligence

I tried to use ChatGPT (Open AI).


I was confused at first when I suddenly got the error in my account creation, but when I tried using it, I found out how amazing it is.

If the following Oops! screen appears, please close the browser and try creating an account again, or try clearing the browser cache. I do not know the actual cause for the error, but doing it several times, I could to create the account as successfully.

Error when create account


Next, let me share to you about the use case.

If you give some necessary items, ChatGPT will write the sample program, please try to compare with your wrote program. then you will see at a glance how amazing it is.


in Developer module case,

There are “Complete” and “Chat” in the mode list, when you select “Chat”, I think that it is the “ChatGPT” that is well known to the world.

ChatGPT select Mode

Below is the answer “What is the difference between Model Complete and Chat?” by ChatGPT (Model Chat)


As an AI language model, I don’t have access to ChatGPT’s specific modes or settings. However, in general, “Complete” mode refers to the output of a language model that has been trained to generate complete sentences or entire pieces of text based on a given prompt or input. For example, if you input the prompt “The sky is”, a language model in “Complete” mode might generate the response “The sky is blue and sunny today.”

“Chat” mode, on the other hand, is typically used for conversational AI applications such as chatbots. In this mode, the language model is trained to generate responses to specific prompts or questions in a way that mimics natural human conversation. For example, if you ask a chatbot “What’s the weather like today?” in chat mode, the bot might respond with “It’s sunny and warm outside! Are you planning to go out?”

In summary, “Complete” mode is used for generating complete pieces of text, while “Chat” mode is used for generating responses to specific prompts or questions in a conversational format.



Below is an example of program generation using Model Complete.

I tried both Chat and Complete to generate a reference program, then Complete was better and personally easier to see.


The following is the response from ChatGPT (Model Complete)

“Please write a program that calculates the network address from the IP address and subnet mask in VBA.”


Sub CalculateNetworkAddress()

Dim IP As String
Dim SubnetMask As String
Dim NetworkAddress As String

IP = InputBox(“Please enter the IP address:”)
SubnetMask = InputBox(“Please enter the subnet mask:”)

NetworkAddress = CalculateNetworkAddressFrom(IP, SubnetMask)

MsgBox “The network address is ” & NetworkAddress

End Sub

Function CalculateNetworkAddressFrom(IP As String, SubnetMask As String) As String

Dim IPArray() As String
Dim SubnetMaskArray() As String
Dim NetworkAddress As String

IPArray = Split(IP, “.”)
SubnetMaskArray = Split(SubnetMask, “.”)

For i = 0 To UBound(IPArray)
NetworkAddress = NetworkAddress & (IPArray(i) And SubnetMaskArray(i)) & “.”

NetworkAddress = Left(NetworkAddress, Len(NetworkAddress) – 1)
CalculateNetworkAddressFrom = NetworkAddress

End Function


I haven’t tested it actually, but it looks like it will work.


I think that it is possible to use conversion processing by created other programming language.

In that case, I think it would be better to be careful about handling confidential information.


If you can’t find the input screen, please click Playground below.

The “Playground” will open the input screen.

ChatGPT Playground

It’s interesting, so please try.


You can create your account from the Sign up link below.


If you want simple chat(this is the ChatGPT), please access to below.

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